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UMEC USA Contact

Phone: (702) 722-6028

About Our Company

Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (UMEC) is an ISO-9001/14001, QS- 9000 certified company with current capital of 38 million US dollars and annual sales volume of over 100 million US dollars. UMEC is one of the world's leading manufacturers with expertise in the area of magnetic components, power supplies and telecommunication products.

Global Branch Network
Founded in 1984, our headquarter is located at the heart of Taiwan, Taichung. Our service branches are located throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. Currently, UMEC has manufacturing facilities situated in Taiwan and mainland China. Our global manufacturing capabilities provide high quality, competitive products to the market. UMEC are proud to be established and well known as a superior choice of supplier for customers worldwide.

R/D & Quality
Our research and development staffs have been striving to satisfy customer requirements in various areas of magnetic components, power supplies, and system products. The commitments of our staffs ensure the enhancement of customer satisfactory and the development of front-end telecommunication products. UMEC gains valuable experience in the past years by establishing an interweaving line of products through extensive development, production, quality control, and marketing. Your satisfactory is our commitment to you.

Company Profile
  • R&D Staff - around 120
  • Production Staff - around 1700
  • Total Staff - more than 2300
  • Markets - worldwide
  • Export Percentage - over 80 percent
Our Products
  • Power electronics products including external power supplies, DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters, charger, AC-DC power modules, DC electronic ballast, and switching power supplies.
  • Magnetic components including transformers, inductors and chokes and integrated filter modules.

Taiwan Factory
  • ISO 9001 Certification - June 1995
  • ISO 14001 Certification - July 1999
  • QS 9000 Certification - June 2001
  • UL approved factory
  • T Mark approved factory
  • BABT approved factory
  • TUV approved factory
China Factory
  • ISO 9002 Certification - January 1996
  • T Mark approved factory
Headquarters, Taiwan Factory, China New Facility, Taiwan